12 Step process on growing your business as a carrier.
– Once you have aquired your MC/DOT what is the next step?

What is the cost?
– Schedule some time with me and I will be transparent about costs. Every business is different, every budget is different along with the situations therefore I look at everything case by case. My services are tailored to the needs of your business, the objective is to help not just sell to sell. Once you click on the services image, it will prompt you to send an email and please do! You can also call or text me since my contact info is on my contact page :).

How to sell and grow my business?
– Many of us are hungry to grow our business but we don’t know how to achieve this and it can be frustrating. Here at EFCT Solutions we will teach you how to sell and expand your business!

Am I leaving money on the table?
– When negotiating rates, sometimes we feel like we should be getting paid more but we are afraid to ask or don’t know how to ask?! We are here to facilitate and explain the negotiating process.

How can I streamline my supply chain process?
– We are all creatures of habit and we repeat what we learn or are taught. Many times, what we are taught might not be the right way of doing things. At EFCT Solutions we have seen hundreds of businesses that are seeking help with their supply chain process both at a national and international level. We are here to help dissect where you are currently at and where you can go!

Where can I meet accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, or any professional that my business needs?
– Many of us are not happy with our current service providers or don’t know where to turn to find professionals to help manage our business. EFCT Solutions has a vast network of professionals that can help your business in any aspect that you might need.

How can I become a broker and how does the business model work?
– Here at EFCT Solutions we can help you create your own brokerage and establish processes in order to grow that part of your business. Sometimes we feel that having the bond is enough but it’s not. You must establish a process and you don’t have to re-invent the wheel!

How Can I find Shippers?
– Unfortunately as carriers you have to deal with brokers, they are a necessary evil. But what a lot of people don’t know is that you have the option to search for shippers and go directly to them for continuous business. Here at EFCT Solutions we will teach you how to source shippers and negotiate with them to get better rates. Ditch the broker and go shipper direct!

How can I source quality carriers for my freight?
– Sometimes we feel like brokers just keep letting us down and we wish for a tutorial on how to find quality carriers. You ask yourself, how do I know if the carrier I am speaking with is a quality carrier? How do I know if the company is fraudulent or not? What databases are out there to source carriers and are they reliable? These are all questions that many of us have when sourcing carriers but don’t worry, EFCT Solutions can answer all of them for you. We provide peace of mind so you can sleep at night!