Hi there and thank you for reading, I appreciate your support.

Much like yourself, I am an entreprenuer and my goal is to empower others alike.

My name is Eduardo Fernandez de Castro but you can call me Ed.

I started the company back in April of 2022 because I want to help businesses grow and take back control of their logistics and company. The more family, small and medium businesses we have here in the USA, the better. I got the idea from helping owner operators (Truckers) with issues and helping them grow their brand along with their business as well. Coaching truckers with the CEO mindset.

Now my goal is to continue helping trucking companies but I am also starting to help Small and Mid-Size businesses as well. The idea is to help businesses make sense out of logistics, business and compete with the big Fortune 500’s of the world be cause that’s what America is about!

I have 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, procurement, finance, warehouse management and operations as well. I have worked for 9 different companies from fortune 100 to small family businesses. My goal is to empower businesses and help them grow through new strategies I have innovated in this new business climate.

Schedule some time with me, I’m an open book and always willing to chat.

Have an amazing day, thanks for reading 🙂